FeedVal – 2012

On-Line Tool – Victor Cabrera, Lou Armentano and Randy Shaver

UW Feed Grain Evaluation System

Feed Grain V2.0 Evaluation System
Feed Grain V2.0 Background and Development Guide – Pat Hoffman, Randy Shaver and Dave Mertens

UW Milk2006

MILK2006 Corn Silage: Calculates TDN-1x, NEL-3x, Milk per ton, and Milk per acre

Extension Publications

Corn Silage Processing: Dairy Farm Survey – Gustavo Salvati, Randy Shaver, Matt Lippert, Eric Ronk and Chris Wacek-Driver
Influence of ensiling on the digestibility of whole-plant corn silage – Luiz Ferraretto, Randy Shaver and Joe Lauer, UWEX Team Forage

Extension Presentations

Role of alfalfa in dairy diets – Randy Shaver
Update on starch utilization by dairy cows – Randy Shaver