Analysis of corn silage for dairy cows – Randy Shaver, Presented at dairy symposium in Osorno Chile

Corn Biochemistry: Factors related to starch digestibility in ruminants
 – Pat Hoffman and Randy Shaver

Corn Silage Podcasts with Liz Binversie, UWEX Brown County
Part 1 Predicting Harvest and Moisture Level
Part 2 Equipment Settings and Safety
Part 3 Signs of Proper Processing, Packing, and Storage Plus Safety Tips

Connecting the Agronomist & the Nutritionist to Make Management Decisions – Randy Shaver, 2016 Wisconsin Crop Management Conference, Madison, WI
Dietary strategies to reduce hypocalcemia – Tina Kohlman, UW-Extension Dairy & Livestock Agent, Fond du Lac County
Diets fed in selected WI high-producing dairy herds – Randy Shaver, UW Madison & UW Extension; 2010 update; Spreadsheet summary
Evaluating performance of corn hybrids for silage production on Wisconsin farms – J.G. Lauer, R.D. Shaver, J.G. Coors. P. Hoffman and N. DeLeon. XVth International Silage Conference. Madison, WI
Feed grain evaluation for lactating dairy cows – P. Hoffman, R. Shaver, & D. Mertens
Forage quality for high-producing dairy herds: Key performance indicators – Randy Shaver, Presented at 2016 World Dairy Expo Forage Super-Bowl Seminar

Heat Stress Podcasts with Liz Binversie, UWEX Brown County
Part 1 Higher Risk Groups
Part 2 Diet Adjustments
Part 3 Summer Feed Management
Part 4 Water Recommendations

Indexing hay quality to dairy cattle performance – Randy Shaver, 2010 Hoard’s Dairyman Espanol Conference, Aquascalientes, Mexico
Making sense of modern feed tests – Randy Shaver, PDPW Dairy Nutrition Seminars (November, 2015)
Managing your feed inventories – Randy Shaver, PDPW Dairy Nutrition Webinar (May, 2016)
Mean particle size: Evaluation of variation within industry processed grains and determination of the effect of laboratory grinding – Connor Willem’s undergraduate research project with UW-Madison Professor Randy Shaver and John Goeser of Rock River Labs
Opportunities to improve starch digestibility on dairy farms – Abby Huibregtse and Randy Shaver
Role of forages in dairy cattle diets – Randy Shaver, Winfield Solutions Dairy Conference, Rochester, MN (March, 2016)